​This weeks episode of Doin' It Bubba Style features Bubba & Tom discussing the "After-Show" portion of the New York Yankees MLB World Series Player Bucky Dent's 1957 Ford Thunderbird build for Velocity Channel!!!  Stay tuned for this show as Bubba & Tom are going to reveal some BIG information about the build, the show & the party!!!  We encourage you to call in on Saturday mornings 9-9:30AM EST at 714-242-5166 to speak with us LIVE or email your question(s) and / or comment(s) & we will answer them live on the air.  ***STAY TUNED FOR THE DETAILS ON BUBBA & TOM'S DEBUTE ON THE UPCOMING SEASON FINALE ON VELOCITY CHANNEL!!!***

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The very first one seen here was built for the World Series Pitcher

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Please enjoy this segment we call The New Line Of WICKED Edition Bubba

Style Jeeps Are Now On Sale!

South Florida Beach Cruiser Done....

Bubba Style!

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The New Line Of WICKED Edition Bubba Style Jeeps Are Now On Sale!

Doin' It Bubba Style!

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When this Major League baseball pitcher wanted to surprise his wife with the birthday present of her dreams, a custom Bubba Edition Jeep to cruise the beaches of south Florida he knew that Bubba would make her dreams come true!

Lets watch as Bubba and crew turn what was once a disaster into a beautiful work of art in this segment we will call Another South Florida Beach Cruiser Done Bubba Style!