Fixing The E Type Jaguars Done Bubba Style!

The owner of this 1966 E Type Jaguar was experiencing several issues after receiving his car back from an out of state restoration shop that specializes in Jaguars. The brakes were locking up, there was a clunking sound, she was over heating every time she was driven, the accelerator was  binding, she ran very poorly, the battery would die after each drive, and the choke did not work. Bubba went right to work on her and when she was finished she drove amazing and was very quick. Let's watch Bubba get her back on the streets again in this segment we will call, Fixing The Jaguar E Types.....Done Bubba Style!

I just want to thank Tom and Bubba and crew for a job well done. My SS is running and looking great.

My wife and I are really going to enjoy driving it and it looks so Muscle car. Thanks

Walter Bunn - Monte Carlo SS