Rick Thompson / 2009 Aston Martin DB9 Vantage : 

"Tom & Bubba,

I felt the need to send you a follow-up email, in writing, in regards to what Bubba has done to my DB9 Vantage...I want to start off by saying that I very rarely ever take any of my exotic cars to anywhere other than the dealership(s)... but when my buddy Jason Atkins with the 06' Ford GT-40 you guys did a bunch of sick upgrades on turned me onto you guys, I figured I'd steer away from the dealer and give you guys a shot!  Well, I'm STOKED that I did!!!  I have never before in my life with the 20+ rides I've had or the places I've been too, had an experience like I had with you guys!!  I wasn't quite sure what direction in modifications I wanted to go with on the Aston at the time of me bringing it in, I just knew I was ready to start making it look cool & perform better than it did.  @ Bubba, you are crazy man!!!, you're designs are over the top and how you see things in your head and know what's just going to work is outrageous!  I will walk around at Cars N' Coffee now with my chin up in the air with the way you have my ride looking, feeling and sounding!  Never again will I go to another shop, I am a Bubbas fan for life!  Great Job guys!!  

P.S., see you soon with the Ferrari!, Bub, get the ideas flowing!"

Brian Shannon / 1968 Ford Mustang : 

"I was just in there with a 68' Mustang Convertible - it was towed in, a proud moment in any classic car owner's life.  I've had that car for more than 13 years, pre-dating the birth of my first child by several months.  It's also the same model year as my wife, so safe to say I like that year.  Anyways, as I said, it was towed in...  The local service station didn't really want to mess with it, and it had sat for 3-4 weeks not running.  In 2-3 days, not only did Bubba get it running, but Bubba had it running better than it ever has while I've had it.  It's certainly putting out more power than it ever has.  Starts without a fuss - I'm amazed!  I was this close to giving up on it and letting the next owner figure it out.  Thanks for walking me back from the ledge - my kids would have never forgiven me.  Not going to lie - it was more than I was expecting to spend, but I got a LOT more than I expected too.  In today's world, I am used to getting less than I paid for.  Thanks for showing me there is a place that "gets it" - you know what you are doing, you do it really well, and you care about what you are doing.  And Rob - you were a pleasure to work with!  Thanks for keeping me updated as it went.  And good luck with the growing family.  I'll definitely be back!  Brian Shannon"

(Our customer testimonials are real-life customers with real experiences., as such if you have any interest in contacting that person to question and / or discuss their experience, we will provide you with that direct contact information to do so)

Mike Jones / 1965 Buick GS / 1970 Buick GS / 1987 Buick Grand National : 

"I haven't had my cars into the shop in forever, because Bub has all of them running perfect. His recommendations have always been for the betterment of my cars and have worked out great. He is probably the most attentive and detail oriented person I have met and that's saying alot coming from this old Marine. I would strongly recommend Bubbas for any and all work on any car or truck. I've spent alot of time there and watched him do alot of vehicles. I've asked a ton of questions and Bub and Tom both have always taken the time to answer so that it's more of a teaching point. I had the pleasure of driving Bubs one off twin turbo Camaro.....hand built under the hood by Bubba.....nuf said."

Anonymous / Royal Enfield : 

"I stumbled across a local joint recently, Bubbas East Coast Rods & Customs.  I called 'em up last week and they told me to bring my bike on over.  If you own anything vintage, this was a breakthrough in itself considering most service fronts would rather look and not touch.  Long story short, I rode over on Tuesday morning before work, dropped the bike off, and had it back the next day.  They mounted my reproduction 1932 Ford Taillight, realigned my rear wheel, and re-jetted my carb for the K&N High Flow Filter.  The owners Bubba & Tom were fast, friendly, and efficient, and apparently have a new television deal in the works...."

David Taylor / 1959 Ford Galaxie : 

"Dear Tom and Crew, I just wanted to take a second and thank you and your crew for the excellent work that you did on my '59 Ford.  The headliner was installed beautifully and professionally.  It looks like it just rolled off the factory floor.  Frankly, knowing your reputation, I expected this.  What I did not expect was the way Rob went out of his way to accommodate me and my desire to have my car out of my garage for as limited a time as possible.  I did not expect that he would be so willing to work with me on getting the part and getting the work done within my budget.  And lastly but of no less importance, I did not expect that when I opened the car door, the interior light would be fixed and working bringing my restoration project just one step closer to completion.  Not only did your staff go the extra mile to accommodate my requests, they went the extra mile to do the job, not just right, but better than expected.  I can't thank you, Rob and Dave enough and I'm eager to get my seats in there this winter and see what kind of miracles you guys can perform with them.  Sincerely, Dave Taylor Owner, caretaker and concerned parent of a 1959 Ford Galaxie"

Ernie Fratalia : 2004 Chevrolet S-10 : 

"I just want to thank the team at bubba`s for the great work they do for the average guy like me. The knowledge and superior workmanship is the best by far, not to mention the very reasonable prices for parts and labor. I want to thank Tom and Bubba for walking me through the entire process from start to finish . thanks again . Ernie"

Jeff DeMario / Bicycle :

"I really love when a business takes their business seriously. A good donut from a donut shoppe is impressive. I once tried to get a cake from a pie company and the baker apologized and said, "they only make pies." It was the best damn pie I ever ate. At Bubbas East Coast Rods & Customs you will find the most dedicated people commited to excellence for any project - big or small. For my som's birthday I wanted to have his bike painted. Seven other businesses told me "I was small potatoes," but Bubba said yes. The smile from my son says it all and the quality and professionalism from Tom, Robin and Bubba is unrivaled in Palm Beach or the world. Go there today and see what I mean. Thank you Bubba's for keeping my faith alive that good business still exist.

Jeff DeMario"

Nathan Pehlt : 

"Ran into these Virgina based guys down at a local car show here in the West Palm Beach area, Super excited to hear they are opening the doors to a new location in our great state within the next few months!  Very friendly group with a whole bunch of knowledge.  Hopefully, we'll be taking in a ride or two for a complete makeover. NATE"

George Agyin / 2001 Lexus IS300 : 

"I brought my 2001 Lexus IS300 to Bubbas East Coast Rods & Customs for a paint job and even though I was not looking for modern performance or classic car work, they welcomed me warmly into their family.  I really love my car, I wanted to have it repainted and change the color of it.  I opted to change the color to black rather than repaint it the original orange.  After a couple of weeks at Bubbas, my car was completed and it looked better than a show car!  I absolutely love my "new" car and will definitely return for more services on my car.  If they can produce such a high quality paint job like this, they have certainly earned my faithful continued patronage and most importantly they have earned my trust!  Thank you Bubbas for a job very well done.  George Agyin"

John Rogers :

"Fun place to check out!  Stroll through there almost weekly with the kids after shopping.  Always have fun seeing the classic cars and new weekly projects, hope one day to have a car I can have them build!  J.R."

Henry Kinderson / 2011 Chevrolet Corvette : 

"Went to these guys and had a great experience.  I'll be honest, I don't like anyone working on my cars but I felt comfortable through the entire process!  Bubba, Tom and Rob are great guys and really put the extra effort in getting things right, the FIRST time!  My Corvette runs like a f***ing champ after the new headers, custom tune & intake!  Thanks again!"